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Close Help The goal of the game is to explore all of the new lands as quickly as possible without your expedition starving from lack of supplies.

Use the keys 1-4,6-9 or 'qwe ad zxc' to move your party.
'5' or 's' => open the action menu.
'v' or click checkbox or menu item => leave or board canoes.
'b' or click checkbox or menu item => leave or board ship.
'r' or click menu item => rest & resupply in a settlement for 1 day.
'k' or click menu item => view or close map key.

You can leave your ship and canoes at any time, but you lose them if you do. Be careful!
You can get more canoes at any settlement.
You can only get another ship at a city or metropolis.

You get more supplies by visiting settlements.
Larger settlements give more supplies per day you spend there.
You can carry at most 30 days of supplies at a time.

A map key is also available from the Options menu.
Close Key ? => Unexplored Area
Village Village => canoes available, +1 supplies/day
Town Town => canoes available, +2 supplies/day
City City => ship and canoes available, +3 supplies/day
Metropolis Metropolis => ship and canoes available, +4 supplies/day
Ocean Deep Ocean Deep => Ship only
Ocean Shallows Ocean Shallows => Ship or canoes
Island Island => Ship or canoes
Close Lakes => No ship

No Water => No ship or canoes
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Action Menu
Resupply in Settlement
Leave Ship
Leave Canoes